The Beauty of Pure Tea

Part of the enjoyment of loose tea is the brewing process itself. Yes, it may take some extra time and intention, but the result is usually a superior cup of tea.  For me, when I can actually see the individual ingredients, I have the satisfaction of knowing what I’m brewing, and that makes it taste even better! Recently, Verglas Media had the opportunity to shoot some product photos for Organic Traveler’s Tea, and the goal was to get up-close and personal.  It was vital to see the ingredients and let their purity shine through – in other words, a great opportunity to go macro!

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pure loose tea - organic traveler's tea at the farmer's market

Surfaces of Winter

Frozen water takes many shapes.  There’s more than just beauty and oddity here, there are secrets.  Each piece of snow and ice has an origin story, and as solid as each may seem, they are forever changing.

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Want more ice? Check out our time-lapse of this year’s Saranac Lake Ice Castle under construction!

So You Want to Work at NASA?

An internship may just be the best place to start. However, even more important than a well-placed internship is the intern herself.

Life, in many ways, is about who you know.  I think we all wish it were different, but it so often plays out personally and professionally that the statement is hard to argue.  Accepting this truth, I’d like to move on to a more encouraging idea.  The idea that we actually have a significant role to play in our own future; that our actions and hard work will pay off in ways that we could simply never imagine.

Ironically, this video about NASA interns was my final project as someone who “worked at NASA”. In many ways, it was one of the easier stories to produce, from a technical standpoint.  However, it had a way of resonating personally, for one simple reason: Many years ago I jump-started my entire career by becoming a NASA intern.

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Anatomy of a Raindrop – by NASA

Anyone else think this looks like the Lorax? No?  Well,  maybe it’s just me. But I just love what this image is doing. It’s describing the creation of raindrops.  As the countdown to NASA’s Global Precipitation Mission (GPM) Core satellite launch this week continues, rain is on the brain.  This new video (watch below), produced by Ryan Fitzgibbons of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, gives a fun, engaging and enlightening look into the creation of raindrops. What’s even more amazing: satellites orbiting the earth will be looking at these micro-characteristics as they fall through the atmosphere.  This is a step up from gathering rain on the ground via rain gauges. A huge step.

Watch it!  I think it will make you smile and teach you a thing or two about rain, namely: rain drops are not tear-shaped, they are shaped like the GPM logo.


For more info, vist the NASA Story about this video. And keep up with the GPM Launch updates! The GPM Core Observatory is currently scheduled to launch February 27th, 2014, 1:07 pm EST from Tanegashima Space Center in Japan.  NASA TV will begin coverage at 12 noon. If you can’t get it on your TV, check it out online!

Let it pour on me, darling…

Hang on for this one – it’s the rectangular trailer about the spherical movie about the NASA spacecraft.

I implore you:  watch it.  Then…read on! Continue reading Let it pour on me, darling…

Saranac Lake Ice Palace – 2014

I hope you have as much fun watching this as we had making it!  It was a very cold day, but cold and ice go hand in hand, so this ultimately became one spectacular ice castle!

For more info, check out the Winter Carnival’s website.  Stay warm!

A day in the life of an ice palace!

Want more? The team that helped build the Ice Palace put together a great video from the cutting of the first ice blocks to the grand fireworks display.  Check out this video by the Johnsons.

Art. Life. Science. Tech. Just like the varied forms of precipitation, they are all related.

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