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Saranac Lake Ice Palace – 2014

I hope you have as much fun watching this as we had making it!  It was a very cold day, but cold and ice go hand in hand, so this ultimately became one spectacular ice castle!

For more info, check out the Winter Carnival’s website.  Stay warm!

A day in the life of an ice palace!

Want more? The team that helped build the Ice Palace put together a great video from the cutting of the first ice blocks to the grand fireworks display.  Check out this video by the Johnsons.

Science On a Sphere

“So, what’s that like?”

“Well, it’s just like a six foot sphere floating in the room with all matter of data, animations and video projected onto the surface…”

Science on A Sphere displays the earth
The Earth displayed on Science On a Sphere.

“So,  how does it work? “

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Blue Skies

There is nothing like a long, rainy summer to make one appreciate the clear blue skies of the coming autumn season.   After the drenching we’ve had, simply looking up at a cloudless sky has a turned out to be simple pleasure. The solar radiation warming the skin becomes so easily perceived when the clouds dissipate, and a smile can’t help but cross my face. All of the sudden, the trail seems to be holding me up instead of sucking me in. Squish, squish has turned to crunch, crunch. Continue reading Blue Skies