NASA GPM Logo for Water Falls Movie Trailer by Verglas Media

Let it pour on me, darling…

Hang on for this one – it’s the rectangular trailer about the spherical movie about the NASA spacecraft.

I implore you:  watch it.  Then…read on!

I’m sure it’s not too hard to figure out, I’ve done a lot of work with and for my favorite space agency, NASA. I also have a thing for precipitation: snow, rain, even hail.  I named this blog “Precipitations”, after all, but not because I’m purposely disrespecting my third grade language teacher by disregarding the the proper pluralization of the word. No, it’s much more intentionally wacky than that: I’m likening it to all sorts of snow, rain and hail which falls into my head and ultimately waters the photos, videos and prose that sprout to life on this page. Precipitations = Thoughts.

So, now that I’ve quite literally spelled that out, (sorry 9th grade creative arts teacher!) I hope I’ve got you thinking. About NASA, that is.  NASA is about to launch its largest earth observing satellite ever, and it’s going to study our home planet’s precipitation. There’s enough information out there about this mission to write a doctoral thesis before it even launches – and don’t worry,  I’ll get you started with some links below.  But trust me on this one:   it’s fascinating, and it affects every person on this planet.

We can’t live without fresh water, and the replenishment of it via snow and rain is the only way we will survive.  Seems like something worth studying.

Part of NASA’s outreach campaign was a film specifically commissioned for Science On a Sphere, and it was just released January 25, 2014. So full circle:  that’s the rectangular trailer to the spherical movie about the NASA satellite that you just watched.  The team at Verglas Media shot and edited both, and so that’s another reason why I’m feeling some major anticipation for the upcoming launch (Feb 27, 2014 at 1:07pm EST).

Opening a movie can be likened to launching a satellite which can be likened to having a baby.  Imagine how the scientists and engineers must feel.

And with that particular precipitation, I’ll get you started on your thesis:

Verglas Media’s Water Falls movie page and even more links and photos:

Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission:

GPM Launch updates and coverage: and

Very Cool GPM Videos

NASA’s Main Website:

Bryan Elijah Smith: Singer/Songwriter of “Pour On Me” used in the official trailer:

And also be sure to check out the handy-dandy countdown in our sidebar along with the cool animation of what the rocket launch will look like!  Enjoy!


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