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Ah, the ever elusive state of equilibrium.  What would we do if we had more of it in our lives? Eat better?  Exercise more? Have a highly productive vegetable garden, or maybe even perfectly planned flower garden?

Daily life has a way of throwing us for a loop –  an unexpended detour, a flat tire in the middle of nowhere.  Other times, it’s significantly more intense – the loss of a dear friend or family member. All of these things knock us off our (seemingly) carefully built perch of life.  They can cause us to change the day’s plan for dinner, or our life’s plan for well…life.  Whether large or small, all of the forces that move around us, and us around, are ultimately what make us who we are.  And for that, we are ever indebted to the simple act of change.

Stepping outside ourselves for a moment: change happens everyday on a global scale.  The daily cycle of sunrise, sunset is the most obvious, followed by weather patterns, followed by seasons and ultimately, yes, the climate.   While at NASA, I worked on a movie called Loop. It spoke directly about the fluctuations of our oceans and atmosphere: currents and clouds that we take for granted, but that allow life as we know it on this great water planet.  Yet it also had a way of echoing a major part of the human experience – the endless quest for balance and stability – that becomes life itself.  For me, the shooting and editing of the film was one such experience.   There was so much beauty to capture at a local scale, in an effort to help tell this global story, but it all had to meet in the middle.  Literally.

It was well worth the effort.  Not only is Loop another Science On a Sphere film that I am personally proud to have been part of making, it is being recognized by the 2013 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival as a finalist in the Media Installation category.  And so we’re heading out to Jackson, Wyoming and the Grand Teton National Park to represent it.  Now that’s a loop I don’t mind being thrown for!

I’ll be presenting and showing the film at the Finalist Showcase for Media Installation on Thursday, September 26 at 9am in the Wapiti 1 Theater.

There’s a lot more about the movie on our site – and you can even watch it!  Check it out!

Victoria Weeks Eric Erbe at Jackson Hole Gala 2013


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