verglas media pendleton lake

Blue Skies

There is nothing like a long, rainy summer to make one appreciate the clear blue skies of the coming autumn season.   After the drenching we’ve had, simply looking up at a cloudless sky has a turned out to be simple pleasure. The solar radiation warming the skin becomes so easily perceived when the clouds dissipate, and a smile can’t help but cross my face. All of the sudden, the trail seems to be holding me up instead of sucking me in. Squish, squish has turned to crunch, crunch.

Then I remember – last summer was almost the opposite.  Funny how we humans are never happy, but the reality is, it was a hard, dry year for a lot of the United States.  The constant drippy days of this summer would’ve been welcome, and even celebrated, last year.  The endless threat of evening thunderstorms unleashing their torrents…yeah, we could’ve used some more of those back then.

Turns out, all we can do is take it season by season, day by day, even better yet, moment by moment.  Remembering the past and looking forward to the future are both worthwhile endeavors in their own right. After all, photography has become a way of documenting the past, and there’s no way to make a movie with out looking into the future. Soaking in the moment, though, has its power.  Sometimes it crystalizes our love for a place, or a person. Sometimes it gets us through a tricky endeavor that requires intense focus. Sometimes it’s just plain relaxing. I’m starting to realize, in many ways, the most valuable part of the day is when I stop and just look around.

Usually, there are blue skies to be found.

photos ©2013 Victoria Weeks

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