verglas media mountain laurel by victoria weeks


Summer is almost over, seemingly before it even began. Maybe it’s the cooler temperatures, the crisper air, or the closing in of night earlier and earlier each day. We just have to face it: the season is changing.


Many times I find that the early morning coffee and day’s planning take a back seat to checking the thermometer and forecast. But it turns out to be much more fun to just go outside and look around.   Check out the cloud cover, feel the dew between my toes or the humidity on my brow.  If it’s winter, going out takes a little more commitment.  Layers.  And more layers.  If we’re lucky, there’s enough snow to put on the skis.  Ultimately, the snow melts and a grabby, murky mud prevails.  Yet with it comes spring.  I find it hard to describe, the sense of inner re-birth and renewal as the world around me transforms. Green is never lovelier, nor more welcome.  Early this spring,  I focused on capturing bits and pieces of that transformation, and I find myself looking for them as fall is rounding the corner. Here in the mountains of the east, I’ve come to truly experience and revere the seasons.  I wouldn’t trade them for all the long, sunny summer days in the world.

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